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Toshi Addition

January 31, 2008


I got my Toshi double straps yesterday – damn they lock your feet in nicely. We have been ripping straps alot recently. They are so hard to get your hands on, we have been getting old deadstock ones and they tend to be hard leather which is perished and just tears too easily. Franky boy up at Albany cycles hooked me up a deal on these Toshi’s and he has every colour of MKS single coming in a month.

DUDE- so glad it’s the weekend. It’s going to be overcast and muggy and close to 30 all day and night but we will ride the hell out of it. Bike Track into town and some downtown riding me thinks possibly a cleansing lager or two at the end – anyone??


Johnny’s new trademe purchase

January 31, 2008


Johnny Crow has been ripping around Auckland on a modified old French road bike he jigged into a single speed. He just took the plunge and got this sick bike from Trademe. It’s got a dope frame with weird additional stays that loop off the down tube which will make it super stiff. It’s got tubs on it but we will sort him out. Johnny come ride on the weekend with the crew – I’ll give you a call on Saturday. YEAH!

LOMO Fisheye

January 30, 2008


Justin got a LOMO Fisheye camera for Christmas and just got the first roll developed. I like it alot.

My digi cam battery charger broke and only just did I get my battery charged. We are going for a ride tonight and we will take some snaps. It’s baking hot and it sucks being office bound most of the day. I broke out to visit Frank the tank at Albany Cycles today- he had a stack of MKS pedals and cages to I stocked up. I got some Toshi double straps but I’m still sitting at my desk trying to figure the best way to set them up.

Thomas messaged me on myspace and said he is getting a hot new frame from Tokyo form a friend of his who is hooked up with Hiroshi Fujiwara- tight contact! Can’t wait to see shots of the bike soon. I’m building up a Columbus tubed bike I call the Stormin Norman. It’s proving a mission as the stays are real close to the BB and I need some phantom wide axle BB and flat profile crank so it doesn’t rub on the stay. Pissing me off royally.



January 25, 2008


This is Thomas. It’s the only shot I have of him and his bike and it’s from our buddy’s magazine Standerd from Florida.

Thomas – if you read this – a package is on it’s way to the Meridian Ave address in the 305! Thomas keeps it steel keepin’ it real in South Beach.

Mike’s Bike

January 24, 2008


Mike has cracked his forks and pretty much wrecked the front end.

So he’s looking at getting a Fuji until his new handmade frame get’s magically metallurgicised by Chris from Hedgehog.

Last Night’s Ride

January 23, 2008


Our vids were super low res. So We are doing some bigger ones from now on and I’m endeavouring to work out how to embed the youtube html into this blog.

I’ll work it out.

Off for another ride tonight. Callum are you keen to come along? We will be up at the Aqua Vista Valley Training Facility sweating like Michael Jackson in a kindergarten.

Oli’s ex Olympic Look

January 22, 2008


I’ve been working with Oli for years. He travels alot and has a home in Munich but lives mostly in Paris with his girl Nat. He has been throwing this Look rig around Paris, well not some much at the moment because it’s freezing and he is awaiting for some snowboarding time.

Check the headset and fork setup- it’s crazed. It belonged to an Olympic track champ from Germany he knows. Oli recently graced our shores in NZ and he borrowed one of my bikes and we skid up a storm in Aqua Vista Valley Training Facility.

 Paris Chapter represent! Oli rules.

Sydney Chapter- this is Chris

January 21, 2008


Chris is integral to our design department – art contributor and now the proud owner of the Grey Goose- a nice old vintage Record Italian frame. This was my first Steady Rollin custom build for someone else. Justin kicked in the wheels and we made up a nice Christmas present.

It’s muggy as hell out there- late 20’s with 98 percent humidity. And it’s been raining. We are waiting for a break in the weather so we go session the practice pad and do some laps.


January 16, 2008


This is Justin Sweeney- he rules. Him Mike and I (Ivan) ride alot together- founding members.

Simon’s new weapon

January 16, 2008


Simon from Deflux heads up our Christchurch Chapter. Pushing pedals into the hills and beyond. He recently came up to AK for the Futura show and came out for a ride which was awesome. This is his new ride, check the decals – that shit is tight!