LOMO Fisheye



Justin got a LOMO Fisheye camera for Christmas and just got the first roll developed. I like it alot.

My digi cam battery charger broke and only just did I get my battery charged. We are going for a ride tonight and we will take some snaps. It’s baking hot and it sucks being office bound most of the day. I broke out to visit Frank the tank at Albany Cycles today- he had a stack of MKS pedals and cages to I stocked up. I got some Toshi double straps but I’m still sitting at my desk trying to figure the best way to set them up.

Thomas messaged me on myspace and said he is getting a hot new frame from Tokyo form a friend of his who is hooked up with Hiroshi Fujiwara- tight contact! Can’t wait to see shots of the bike soon. I’m building up a Columbus tubed bike I call the Stormin Norman. It’s proving a mission as the stays are real close to the BB and I need some phantom wide axle BB and flat profile crank so it doesn’t rub on the stay. Pissing me off royally.



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