Back from MTB Nationals



Justin and I were down in Welly for the MTB Nats.

We were at the 4cross track for 14 hours on Friday setting up for Red Bull. The finals were awesome.

The Downhill yesterday was bleak- horizontal rain mud dust. Good on Scarlett Hagen- the champ rode her whole final run with a flat back tyre- jumping every jump and still got 3rd. What a ruler. Craig Pattle won the dual slalom.

Now we are back in Auckland and looking forward to playing with bikes that don’t have 14 inches of travel and look like they were made as props for Alien vs Predator.

Actually yesterday we sat in the Hummer and watched MASH about 6 times, including the out takes. We got some mud-monkeys very impressed by the fixie exploits.

Anyway – here is my photo post of the day. You probably saw it on another blog but I had to drop it in. Lets hope it’s not a sign of things to come. Or maybe he should do a Donnie Darko edition track bike- with a laser etched Frank-bunny head on the stem??

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