Asylum Criterium!!


Mike and I rode on friday night but apart from that we didn’t push alot of pedals, I went to Waiheke island and got drunk instead.

Tonight Justin me and Mike are going for a ride, Callum – you keen? I’ll text you.


This map is the (very) rough route for the ASYLUM CRITERIUM. It runs 2 variations in 2 laps. I’m going to drive it out to see the distances. It’s a pretty good sprint though, and not alot of traffic to deal with so we can probably get a bit of a pack hitting it.

There is a nice junction where there is a road crossing with potentially riders going each way, just in the corner by Carrington’s pub, oh and 1 by the pool by the old mental asylum buildings. Might be a bit sketchy. Mellow hills with 1 little steep sprint climb. Not sure when we will have it yet but some time after easter probably.

This clip is Mike from Friday; leg through frame back circle shenanigans.

By the way – we are shooting this all on an old Ixus digi still cam. HD it is not – but stay tuned. We have some more plans in the pipeline for the near future.

Oh and Terry – that chainring didn’t work – I’ll bring it back.

What shoes do Keirin Racers wear on the track? I want to find out.

If you haven’t peeped the new Skull Bike Club site – it’s up and awesome.

Mike – you need to build up a new track bike and come out for a sesh.

One Response to “Asylum Criterium!!”

  1. windynut Says:

    any update on the asylum crit ??

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