AKA Vag-ootsa. I went for a few sprinty laps last night on my lonesome. Justin hurt his back wakeskating so needed to recover and rest up.

You see the issue is that jeans are not the best form of clothing to ride track bikes in. Even if you have some of the best BMXican friendly jeans with a good portion of “Man-Dex” in the weave. They are not designed for getting some cranks pushed while IN THE SADDLE. BMX ers don’t even use their saddles to sit in – I know mine is slammed right to the seat tube on my 20″. If I try riding while sitting on it I look like a polar bear riding a tricycle.

So if you put some KM’s on the odometer while seated, the seams in denim jeans eventually have the same effect as a hacksaw on a raw leg of lamb. In one word:  Vag-oots. Saddle sores that chafe-ease can’t ease.

Seriously – at the top of my right leg I think I cut myself a vagina. Maybe I can use medical tape or something so I can go riding tonight. Not that you want me to but I’ll update you tomorrow.


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