Stormin’ Norman



New whip finally road worthy. So named because it’s beige and bad and flies with a 50/17 gearing.

Gonna put some 1″ risers on it – the 2″ are too high. It’s got:

Columbus tubed frame and fork (some ex commonwealth games bike blah blah), Campy Centaur cranks and BB, Meiche chain ring, vintage Cinelli stem, surly hub and cog and lockring on a 36 hole Mavic Open pro rim (powdercoated with the frame). Generic riser bars, Shadow Conspiracy finger banger grips (awesome) and MASH bar ends. Concor nubuck saddle.

It’s got Justin’s Aerospoke on it right now but will have a campy deep rim with a tubular on the front. Damn good with the Aerospoke though, wish they were easier to get hold of.

I was going to sell this steed but it’s been so long coming together and so stiff and quick I think I’ll hold on to it for a little while.

Anyway – riding tonight and Sunday and I finally got all the distances for the ASYLUM CRITERIUM laps sorted. SO I’ll post all that after the weekend. The laps are 1.8km fastlaps and one circuit lap is 3.5km – I reckon 3 laps making the race a 10km sprint should be a challenge.

Justin Watene is coming out for a ride on Sunday – YEAH J-Dubbs!


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