Justin and I are down in Wellington holding a skate comp called One Truck Wonders, it’s a manual contest. We hooked up with Dave and Caleb from First Floor, as usual they are fantastic. Caleb is a mountainbiker, or a free-rider or something, the kind of mountainbiking that isn’t competitive, you know the way it used to be. He likes James’ section in the MASH DVD. When Caleb is next in Auckland he is going to come ride track bikes with us and do a story on Steady Rollin’ for Spoke Mag- aren’t you Caleb??

Dave has a swet 120 Piaggio Vespa he has restored and hopefully he is taking us to the legendary House of Bicycles so we can check out the booty. Justin needs new forks.



2 Responses to “Wellywood”

  1. alexdefreitas Says:

    Thought you guys might appreciate the birthday present I got for my bike.
    Anyone riding any time soon!? im always keen to roll. Alex. colindefreitas@gmail.com

  2. alexdefreitas Says:

    that’s the link. apparently embed didn’t work.

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