Some little speed checks down spotless street


Mike and I went riding on Saturday. Here is a clip of some nice speed checks down the Spotless Street in Unitec. Youtube is down so I’ll upload more tomorrow. Mike was running his 650c Hed wheel and doing barspin tricks. Lots of them.

We took our bikes apart and I have all 3 in the back of my car today – BUT not one bike shop can take out our cranks this week, even shops with bro’s in the workshop. It must be MTB season out there. I seriously have to get some crank extractors and bottom bracket tools so I can strip bikes in the Steady Rollin man cave.

Then they are off to the powder coaters to become white horses. Justin is very close to finally getting a credit for his cracked Bianchi Pista Concept that he has been waiting for 6 months for. His number 1 whip is close to coming back into play.



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