Ok – I finally have a date in mind for the first Steady Rollin Asylum Criterium race.

SUNDAY MAY 4th from 12pm to 2pm at Unitec off Carrington Road, through Point Chevalier lights, A to the K.

Here is the rough map of the circuit and the best way to get to the start / finish point (aka The T.F. or training facility) is through entrance 4 to Unitec, follow the road down and then hang left at the top of the hill.

This first race is pretty much just to get some of the crew together and see if the circuit works. From there I hope we can make it semi regular and get some crew coming to hang out talk shit and ride laps.

The race is 3 laps each around 3.5km so the whole thing is pretty much a 10km sprint. I hope some couriers come to kick our unfit asses.

At the top of the loop there will be an energy station where Red Bull sampling girls will be handing out paper cups of 50% 50% Red Bull and water for the racers, then they continue the circuit.

The prize is a case of Red Bull and a Steady Rollin’ tee. It can either be delivered to the winner or taken on the spot.

The only rule is that it has to be a fixie. Helmets optional- ride at your own risk. And brains not brakes. No entry fees for this one. But in future I might make a special race tee for the riders in exchange for a nominal fee.

If you want any other details or want to let me know you are coming along just email me at:

Oh yeah and if you want to come out and ride the circuit we will be doing some training rides on the weekends- just email if you want to hook up.

The map is sketchy – don’t worry I don’t plan to be riding on the grass- my path routing is rubbish.



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