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Bike Central Alleycat

May 30, 2008

Last night Clinton , AKA CJ, AKA Bike Surgeon put on an alleycat race from him and Paul’s shop Bike Central downtown.

It was held for one of the messengers who is going back to Toronto. It was a 3 carpark race. Vector then one up town then one midtown. Deal was you had to climb each carpark to the top, grab a flyer and race down and to the next.

Ezra took it out by a pretty decent margin. Brendon was the first fixie rider back. Justin CJ and I did the first carpark leg then cruised- we got smoked by the couriers with brakes and freewheels.

Teva was awesome he turned up with his front wheel looking like a taco, check the shot. Some woman U Turned infront of him during the day. He put another on and raced but I didn’t see him. He texted me saying he got shit scared. Mike went on the Thursday Hustle with Alex and Jeff and a good crew. Justin and I were a bit beat and sweaty and cold to continue venturing.




May 28, 2008

This is my friend Thomas Horrell holding it down in Miami. Not sure what he is holding but it looks enticingly like a chilly-bin and ghetto blaster combo. If it is then it’s a great invention and I need one. Thomas is the greatest.


Justin’s Celeste green Bianchi Pista Concept

May 26, 2008

Here it is all built up again. Justin has been waiting over 8 months to get this bike back together after a warranty wait that would test most people’s sanity. Pretty cool as it was a 2007 frame and this is a new 2005. The wait on the soon to break 2008 Concept is September minimum.

This is the new improved Pista Concept build. He made up deep V’s onto white LTD MASH issue Phil Wood hubs. It’s got Paul cranks and Thomson stem and post. Thanks to Clinton at Bike Central he has a nice Flite saddle on there too.

Slave Driver

May 26, 2008

I made Mike ride around at pace on Saturday as I chased him around in my car holding the camera out of the window filming him. We got some stuff so I’ll get a clip made as soon as I can make time.

Justin got his Bianchi Pista Concept back from Carlos at Freewheel in S.F. It is a replacement for a cracked 2007 frame he sent back for a warranty and they sent a Celeste green 2005 model which is awesome. I’ll do a photo essay on that bike – it’s too much.

Justin and I rode around with CJ and Callum last night – I’ll get some shots tonight- we are off for a ride after work from Bike Central at 6:30. Alex and Jeff and crew are going. If it’s wet we will hit up some carparks. That Vector carpark has really wide concourses – great for group descents.

Here are some shots of Mike fixing a pinch flat after I was talking him into doing wallrides on a huckery brick wall. Mike Lawrence is very very good at riding bikes. If we go to a carpark I’ll try get some lines on HD tonight to upload.




Last Night’s Hustle

May 23, 2008

I didn’t take a camera – which was just as well because it was a pretty fast ride with minimum stops. Alex’s route was good- the grind up Carrington road all the way to New Market was pretty serious- I got cramp in both my legs at one stage – never had that – it felt like 2 concrete tennis balls had materialised at the tops of my calves seizing my feet. I stretched at the next stop and was cool.

Was cool to meet Justin from Calibre who did the whole ride on a huge cruiser with a track wheel on the back and a fixed gear. All up it was over 20km as a pretty good pace and a good turnout. Rad to see Justin Henehan up from Wellington too.

We chilled out at Vodafone before grinding up Hobson and then home.

We will be riding and filming this weekend so more clips next week in plush HD YEAH!


Saturday Clip

May 21, 2008

Here is the clip from the new camera, this is the better res version of the last clip I posted earlier today. We will be out there harvesting footage with the crew and extended family from now on. Mike’s manny is really clean, check the pop out of that one!

Hey weather is looking good for tomorrow nights ride. YEAH!!



New Stuff

May 21, 2008

I’ve been waiting to post since the weekend because it was the first time we used the new HD cam. We have been dragging down the HD files in spare time and getting used to the whole deal. Later today I’ll post a clip, no more of the grainy digi still cam clips. We are stepping it up a little. And getting some stuff to throw in the archives.

Mike and I went for a ride last night too- laps of the tank farm, then we rode around some spots in town and ended up sticking our heads in at Bike Central. Teva was in there getting his BB tightened CJ was on the tools. He locked up and we all went for a blat around Vector, and then a cool carpark by the arena. Really wide roads on descent means you can race down with lots of people without it being sketchy. Loads of fun. We did a run in downtown carpark and Mike and I called it a night. I went to get Ramen and an American guy in a suit was admiring my bike and asked if he could ride it, he was into fixies and tore away on it – good job, him and his wife were really nice folks.

Justin has a hurt foot from putting his foot through the handle wakeskating so is resting up this week. Other stuff we have been up to is on his blog

Alex has planned a route for Thursday’s Hustle ride. It’s on his google group

10pm sharp on the corner of Ponsonby and K rd. Not sure how the weather will be. Hope to see you there.



Thursday Hustle

May 16, 2008

Fast Fridays, Taco Tuesdays, Swift Saturdays…. now we have the Thursday Hustle. Organised by Alex, it’s a 10pm start corner K and Ponsonby Rds> I went on my first one last night – missed the first last week. Great turnout, we bombed Symonds street and along the waterfront to St Heliers. Justin got a flat at Mission Bay so we had a mechanic stop where Frank tried to remedy a slipped lockring. It was fast – many roadies and track racers in the pack. I was rolling on my white bike with a 50 x 16 ratio which wasn’t too forgiving climbing college hill. Great on the flat though. Definitely keen to make that one a regular.

Mike Davies in Japan

May 15, 2008

Mike from has been touring around Japan. He sent me some shots to post. He visited Carnival and WBase in Tokyo – pretty much the Japanese Mecca of track. He has been there for a while and harvesting parts to build a nice new bike when he gets back. He is off to Hong Kong and no doubt will find some treats there.

Bookmark his blog – it’s one of the best cycling blogs out and Mike is super focussed on getting people riding in Auckland. 

 Mike we are all looking forward to pushing some pedals when you get back bro!

If you remember can you pick me up some Japanese Visine eye drops in the green box? I’ll hook you up when you get back.



May 12, 2008

The Victor- Alex

Thanks to all the people who turned up to ride the Asylum Criterium on Saturday. And thanks to all that helped out – especially Sophie our official timekeeper, lap counter, and finish line watcher.

It was a good race for our first try at it. Alex de Freitas didn’t just win , he destroyed the course, he did the 10km 3 lap race in under 23 minutes with a huge distance on the lead. Ezra the courier was 2nd, Steady Rollin was proud to have it’s top racer Mike Lawrence come in 3rd with a close break between him and Danger Dave in 4th. The top 7 were pretty close in a pack so it was heavy going in the group. Callum Johhny and I were wayyyy back by a couple of minutes Callum got 8th and I got 9th by him and Johnny got last place because he tore the leg off his cords when they fell down his leg and got caught in his chain. He cut them into shorts after the race and all was well. Justin pulled out after lap 1 as his (leisurely laced) Vans skate hi’s kept popping out of his cages and almost slipping off his feet, Justin took a  stack of photos instead. Logan the USA exchange student came 5th with a pretty flat front tyre. Jeff came 6th and Teva came 7th. Now Teva was the trooper of the day. He turned up with a rear tubular tyre running on fluffy frayed thread. I fixed it with a tube patch and some cut up stickers wrapped around his rim and tyre. You knew when Teva was coming up close to you on the course ’cause you could hear the clicking noise of the sticker hitting the road. On lap 2 Teva and Jeff took a very fast and wide line coming out of the hairpin at the bottom of skid alley. Jeff rode up the curb and managed to hold it and fend off the creeping vines on the fence alongside. Teva didn’t make the turn and smashed his back wheel into the curb and slammed into the fence and came off pretty hard. He was looking like a podium finish but still managed to get the 7th spot. Check the photo’s; he got scratched up pretty badly.

Teva – if you read this – get in touch, I have a spare brand new deep V built up on a Sansin hub you can use until your new set of deep V’s get into Bike Central. Paul told me yesterday it will still be a couple weeks until yours get in, so I’ll drop the wheel in to the store for you to pick up.

Alex definitely deserved the victory- he got a Steady Rollin Tee with safety reflective ink, a tray of Red Bull, and a set of MASH bar ends thanks to Mike and Triple 6 distribution. Check the clip of the warm up lap of the group going down skid alley, you can see the pace Alex was setting at the front and the rowdy speed check before the hairpin.

Thanks again – it was a fun day. Jeff suggested running the course in reverse next time. I did a lap backwards yesterday and it’s fast, and good. So I think we will pull the hairpin out aswell, and add a one way downhill. If people are into it I figure a monthly race wouldn’t be too hard. I’m thinking about a quick turnaround for the next. Maybe Saturday 31 May, or Saturday 7 June.