Rainy Sunday


Horrendous downpours posponed us racing the criterium yesterday. The new rain date is this Saturday the 10th around 1pm. But it didn’t stop some great people turning yesterday up at the TF for some under cover riding and hanging out. It was really cool to Meet Jeff from Vans, and Frank (AKA UncleFrank form solejam.com) and his awesome crew who came up. Allister came up too and rode the Stormin Norman around throwing his MTB skills into fixiedom immediately.

Some trickery, skiddery and games of footdown ensued. This clip is Justin, Frank, and Jeff at the end of footdown. Jeff is a formidable opponent with balance and sturdy shoulders! Justin won out in this one victorious. We spent alot of time discussing VANS and what shoe everyone liked to ride it vs LTD releases and collabs etc. Era’s ruled the day. Frank told us about the new FIXED release Vans Era’s which have a kevlar toe vamp so you don’t keep blowing your shoes out. They come with a little toolcase. He sent me a PDF today – they look dope. Due in a month or so. The shot is a PDF so I can’t post it but I’ll keep trying to find a jpeg.

Justin hooked the projector up to the Hummer and showed a new DVD he picked up in Melbourne called Vida la Viya (sp- not sure but think it means street life). It’s mostly all shot in Tokyo by the Carnival guys in Harajuku. It’s got a section at the end with Hiroshi Fujiwara riding around which was cool to see he can actually ride well. Pretty Ethereal sound track though!



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