New Stuff


I’ve been waiting to post since the weekend because it was the first time we used the new HD cam. We have been dragging down the HD files in spare time and getting used to the whole deal. Later today I’ll post a clip, no more of the grainy digi still cam clips. We are stepping it up a little. And getting some stuff to throw in the archives.

Mike and I went for a ride last night too- laps of the tank farm, then we rode around some spots in town and ended up sticking our heads in at Bike Central. Teva was in there getting his BB tightened CJ was on the tools. He locked up and we all went for a blat around Vector, and then a cool carpark by the arena. Really wide roads on descent means you can race down with lots of people without it being sketchy. Loads of fun. We did a run in downtown carpark and Mike and I called it a night. I went to get Ramen and an American guy in a suit was admiring my bike and asked if he could ride it, he was into fixies and tore away on it – good job, him and his wife were really nice folks.

Justin has a hurt foot from putting his foot through the handle wakeskating so is resting up this week. Other stuff we have been up to is on his blog

Alex has planned a route for Thursday’s Hustle ride. It’s on his google group

10pm sharp on the corner of Ponsonby and K rd. Not sure how the weather will be. Hope to see you there.




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