Slave Driver


I made Mike ride around at pace on Saturday as I chased him around in my car holding the camera out of the window filming him. We got some stuff so I’ll get a clip made as soon as I can make time.

Justin got his Bianchi Pista Concept back from Carlos at Freewheel in S.F. It is a replacement for a cracked 2007 frame he sent back for a warranty and they sent a Celeste green 2005 model which is awesome. I’ll do a photo essay on that bike – it’s too much.

Justin and I rode around with CJ and Callum last night – I’ll get some shots tonight- we are off for a ride after work from Bike Central at 6:30. Alex and Jeff and crew are going. If it’s wet we will hit up some carparks. That Vector carpark has really wide concourses – great for group descents.

Here are some shots of Mike fixing a pinch flat after I was talking him into doing wallrides on a huckery brick wall. Mike Lawrence is very very good at riding bikes. If we go to a carpark I’ll try get some lines on HD tonight to upload.





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