Bike Central Alleycat


Last night Clinton , AKA CJ, AKA Bike Surgeon put on an alleycat race from him and Paul’s shop Bike Central downtown.

It was held for one of the messengers who is going back to Toronto. It was a 3 carpark race. Vector then one up town then one midtown. Deal was you had to climb each carpark to the top, grab a flyer and race down and to the next.

Ezra took it out by a pretty decent margin. Brendon was the first fixie rider back. Justin CJ and I did the first carpark leg then cruised- we got smoked by the couriers with brakes and freewheels.

Teva was awesome he turned up with his front wheel looking like a taco, check the shot. Some woman U Turned infront of him during the day. He put another on and raced but I didn’t see him. He texted me saying he got shit scared. Mike went on the Thursday Hustle with Alex and Jeff and a good crew. Justin and I were a bit beat and sweaty and cold to continue venturing.



One Response to “Bike Central Alleycat”

  1. brokenink Says:

    Hey guys, cheers for bringing the RedBull girls for some energy, a good way to help our Alley Cats get bigger and better. Next time we see each other I would like to talk to you about a magazine I’m putting together, it’ll be based around the fixed gear culture but only loosely, more about artists in the city and how they’re inspired by it etc. or you can email me with your interest @


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