Hello all. Jeff Whiteford fell off his bike early last week and badly hurt the ligaments in his arm. I didn’t find out until much later – turns out Jeff turned up a few days later to do the hustle on Thursday night in an arm cast and rode the whole thing. What a warrior!

Jeff is also the Warehouse Manager at Vans. On Friday he introduced Mike Lawrence to Tim in Marketing and arranged to hook up Mike on Vans flow. You couldn’t pick a better ambassador than Mike. We all rock Vans Era’s almost exclusively. I say ‘almost’ because I rock Vans Chukkas alot too.

Mike is stoked see:

We have done a bit of filming with the HD camera but it’s been hard to get time to edit and crunch the footage to useable clips because of the size. Still looking to harvest as much of everyone as possible and add it to the archive for the inevitable movie.

Speaking of cracking…. I rode with Justin to Bike Central for lunch as is becoming the norm. Recently I’d noticed a little crack in the paint on the top tube of my black Cinelli pursuit frame. It seemed to be spreading. Also the tube sounds dead when you ping it with your nail. I think it’s oxidised inside the tube. I got CJ and Paul at Bike Central to have a look and I’ve well and truly cracked the tube. So the only thing I can do is try and find a frame builder to rebuild it with a bent steel top tube. I don’t want to retire that frame – I love it, it was my first fixie.



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