Saturday Pedallings


Justin Sweeney OG rollerJustin the Great - wheelie stall


Some of us met up at the closing sale at Biciclette on Saturday. It was mayhem. There was 1 till and a 3 hour line to get to it. Teva won the prize for most tyres purchased. I didn’t see Alex there but he got a Brooks seat but when we rode later he wasn’t that into it I think he was swapping it back. We rode around a bunch with whoever was around. Here are some shots. Good to get a daytime mash on, it had been a while Tnak farm and westhaven were great. Frank put his new Cervelo together yesterday- it’s an incredibly sweet ride. I’ll post some shots asap- it’s so damn good. We rode yesterday with him and Frank and Terry and some more crew. Westhaven Drive has been re-sealed and is smooth as an otters nutsack. The speed bumps are all rampy and you can use them to hop off it’s so rad.

We are going to have a bit of a ride after work tomorrow for Tank Farm Tuesday. Frank has his buddy Takehiro out from Supreme in Tokyo. Going to lend him a bike and do some laps and maybe some foot-down and/or breeze shooting at the Vodafone building. If anyone is keen – Tuesday between 6 and 6:30 at Vodafone. Round the back by the hotel.



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