Tank Farm Tuesdays


Last nights after work ride for TANK FARM TUESDAY was great. Good turn out from the core crew. It was alot of fun. We warmed up around the loop and then bustled down Westhaven Marina. We lost Teva who was riding a MTB after pretzelling his fixie into a taxi for the second time in 2 weeks; love those Auckland drivers! Mike Davies from www.skullbikeclub.com came with his new fixie build with his parts from Japan. We ended up heading up Queen Street afterwards and hitting Aotea Square for some wallrides and hops. It’s weird after skating alot of my adolescence there I had never riden my track bike in there. It was fun as hell. A wallride session eventuated. Mike Lawrence doing wheelie to wallride to fakie and 180 out. Alex carving right up there, Mike Davies doing footplants at the top of the V wall and everyone having a carve. Then Mike L (L for LARGE) started hopping down the 3 set. I have some shots of it on this post but you should check out Frank’s he took on his SLR on the Solejam site: http://solejam.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=635&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=270


And I stole 2 shots off solejam to show you firstly Mike Davies footplanting. But also Jeff Whiteford’s new Cervelo build which is fucking awesome:



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