Ok the reverse criterium is on for Saturday (tomorrow) at 12pm midday people!

The idea is that we will run the reverse of the last circuit so the last stretch gets sped up and isn’t a long climb. Anyway spread the word and come on down. If it’s raining we are just going to hang out and mess around riding in the training facility. I’ll see what’s left of the Steady Rollin merch to make up the prize and also the winner gets a case of Red Bull. Alex the reigning champ is already owed a case. Remmember – it’s all for fun.

If you enetered last time keep your spoke card and you keep your favourite number.

Best way to get there is entrance 4 into Unitec off Carrington road. Head in a few hundred metres on the road and take a left up to the TF:


 Si is up from Christchurch to ride. He brought up his Van Dessel build. It’s a “Drag Strip Courage” track frame, check it out:

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