Race Day


JeffJustin and Alex wheelie stallsCriterium 2 Posse


The Criterium went ahead even though it rained during the first lap.

The roads were slick as. Alex took out the first place again retaining the Asylum title. A great turnout considering the crap weather – thanks to everyone who came and to Teva and his crew for being safety on all the intersections. I took a butt load of photos on the SLR but have been so busy I haven’t crunched them into low res yet. We rode the first lap as a pack lap to get everyojne in on the new reverse course then through the finish line the last 2 laps were at some serious pace. The results:

Alex de Freitas -beating his last time at 19:47


Ken White

Tim White (killed it on a cruiser!)

Simon Courtney – Christchurch Town represent!

Brendan Vandenbosch- Dunno what route you took Brendon but you got in without passing the people behind you!

Jeff Whiteford

Mike Lawrence

Justin “Special Ops” Sweeney

Justin Henehan

Allister (puked over the finish line) Payne

Callum Dowie

Adam chilled and pulled in after lap 2 leaving me to come in dead last on my own.

Justin (pointy guy below) has some nice shots of the day on his blog www.redbullspecialops.co.nz



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