Whether the Weather


Looks like BAD weather for the weekend. Maybe it’s hobbitting out in carparks for us. Justin is officially barspin wizard- might be a trick weekend. Hopefully we get a window to bomb some hills on Sunday. Frank is back safe and sound and getting some rest. I spent last night cutting out a stack of new die cut stickers I just got made for the crew. Holler at me if you want one and I’ll mail it out to you if I don’t see you first ivan.mennim@nz.redbull.com (PS_ my email addy was all wrong so I just fixed the typo- the link should work now- thanks Jono!) I’m getting some clear vinyl ones made for mass consumption soon so if you miss out I’ll put you on the list for one soon. Also – I’m building up the blog site a little over the next few weeks so it will have a little more to it. It’ll have a profile section for the team and a section to order tees and hoodies and merch if the mood takes you. Maybe even offer the odd full bike build from the Steady Rollin Mancave.


Have a great weekend and I hope to get a ride in and see you out there!


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