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Qubic Party and Quarters

July 28, 2008

Thanks to Frank and Ivy for putting on a great party and letting us in on the launch of their new store Quarters. Some seriously exclusive brands and collabs going in there. The store rocks – check it out above Qubic.

We missed out on the Red Bull skae bombs as we got there a little late but it was all fun and games. Harley was in character as a Ninja, Frank was dressed asa Harajuku cowboy and Terry Clines was a seriously decked out pimp. Here are some more shots fro the night from Frank:


Poster for Saturday’s Party

July 25, 2008

KONICHIWA!!!! It’s an awesome day out there in AK today. Jeff is making the email holler to everyone to break out early today for a ride before the nasty big low comes trucking in tonight for the entire weekend drenching our fair city….again. I’m definitley keen to ride tonight. It’s Critical Mass ride tonight too. But I think we will ride without causing traffic jams.

I got a text from Danger Dan saying there was an Alleycat race from Bike Central tonight but I just talked to Paul and they have cancelled it due to “Tour de France Fatigue” from all their early morning viewing session parties. Maybe we should meet up downtown and go from there. Any ideas? Vodafone, or Britomart? I’ll update this post when I get some emails through.

We are taking a bike each to the Qubic store at 2 tomorrow so Frank can hang them all up inside. I figure we ride before that, if it’s pissing down maybe we do some carpark spiral runs. I’m off out to pick up the tees.


July 24, 2008

Frank and his mighty mighty crew are having their 1st birthday party for Qubic Store in New Market and the second birthday of

To help them celebrate this momentous and drunken occasion we are teaming up to release a special run of tees in the theme of the night. There will be 30 on sale for $30 in all sizes. First come first served. Cash please, also if I know you I might take a slurring drunken guarantee of a future bank transfer if I am also inebriated, which is likely. A few crew are emailing me putting dibs in so holler at me if you want one.

Our bikes will be up on the wall as a display and there will be Red Bull-Sake bombs and Japanese beer for consumption. Tokyo DJ’s and karaoke madness – I tell you Frank is pulling out the stops on this one. It will be a great night you should rock on down.

The tees are white. There is limited stock of S M L XL, and also a sneaky little run of womens L tees. There are also 2 lucky dip tees in large, a red one and a black one with white prints.





July 23, 2008

Officially over the winter buzz now. It’s going to be good when Spring comes along and days are longer. Right now the weather is bad and Justin and I have to take off soon to the snow for loads of snow events in the South Island. Borton Open is next week and I’ve got to do a reccy flight into deep dark Fiordland for a couple of projects there. Should be fun!

My shots of Alex’s Fuji are pretty blurry so he sent me a couple of clearer ones:

Westhaven Wheelies

July 21, 2008

Here are some more shots – and most notably Mr Mike Lawrence and his wonderful track unicycle wheelie trick.

And seconds later:

Shots from the Weekend in the City of Snails…..I mean Sails

July 21, 2008

We had to dive into carparks to avoid rain but ended up getting a solid ride in each day on the weekend and got to see some faces out there too. Hey – dya like my arty lens flarey shadow shots with the harbour in the background?

And afterwards we went to see Mike Davies at the tattoo shop gett8ihng some work done and headed out to ride to a couple of pubs with the booze cruisers:

And we ended up at Sakinaya for some japanese food. Justin and I took some wet hill bombing later on was fun as hell but a tad sketchy.

Hooked up with Jeff and Mike Davies and Alex the next day for a ride around. We got a few dry periods in the day and the wind dried up the roads pretty quick in between downpours and hail. Alex had his nice new Fuji Track Pro all decked out. Black Sugino Messengers, the whole thing is really nice.

Mike Davies was rippping it – he’s getting a phantom new Masi real soon, I’ll miss his skittles bike!

Justin put some drops on his Concept and was much happier riding it. Hopefully we get some good weather for Tankfarm Tuesday this week but it looks doubtful. Some of the crew are out riding tonight at Vector with Jeff. I’m still at work dropping blogs in between work.

Saturday Booze Cruise

July 18, 2008
That’s right — the drinking club with a bike problem rolls out again.

Meet up at The Winchester Tavern on Saturday at 5pm for a couple of quiets then a ride.

ALL BIKES WELCOME. Weird bikes encouraged.

Tim White and Mike Davies from are getting a non-weekday cruise going. Could make for a dusty Sunday.

Hopfully the evil weather of death allows us some riding time on the weekend.

If not I’m keen to meet up in a carpark downtown on Saturday for some spiral circuits and trickery.

The Thursday Hustle happened last night but I wasn’t on it. Hope everyone had a good ride.

Anyone got any ideas for a ride? If it’s wet we could link a bunch of carpark buildings. Have a skidathon at the TF at Unitec? If it dries up we should bomb some hills en masse. The forecast is looking really crap Saturday and Sunday though. It’s taking it’s toll, I’m dry on photos stories and vids to post. It’s a bleak !



Good turnout last night

July 16, 2008


July 14, 2008

I had a great ride yesterday- quite a few of the troops were out of play but hooked up with Jeff and Adam and Ken and put some K’s in and saw the town. We went down and said hi to Frank at his store and rode back through Parnell and stopped and met Karl from the iBike store on Parnell Rise.

The store is packed with top end goodies. Including an alloy Colnago Pista ($2499 frameset…..oooh). When I measured it and piped up that it was too small for me Karl advised me that it could be made for me by the Colnag (ians) in Italy to any tube length or colourway I wanted- and they would measure me up in store. Now THAT is service. That makes the difference between a Chinese frameset a whole much more of a divide. May the pride of European craftsmanship and service always prevail!

Also on the wall is a build that Adam is working on for the fixedgeargallery charity fundraiser contest. A great cause.

ALSO- if the weather is good then it’s TANKFARM TUESDAY tomorrow- so get your bikes ready. We will meet at Vodafone at 6:30pm. Good times!

Here is some stuff about the bike he is submitting and the contest from an email from Adam:

The comp is organised by for CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to raising private funds for the Children’s Oncology Group, the world’s largest cooperative cancer research organization.

Comp rules

It’s a Calfee 650 frame built for Jo Lawn (NZ iron women champ) early 2000’s I think?. Jo and husband are partners in ‘ibike’ and saw my first bike I built and asked if I could put 1 together for the shop. They gave me an enormous bin full of stuff, cranks, forks, seats, bars (e.g. like on speedframe) tires and the frame and said here you go….. I sold a lot of the road specific stuff for the build budget and set to. I cut out the brake bridge and squeezed the 700 rear onit. Coz its vertical drops I made up another eccentric axle watsithingy like I did for the speedframe to adjust the chain.


3 block wheelies and 12 games of footdown

July 9, 2008

Tankfarm Tuesday went pretty well last night. Around 16 people turned up – it was great considering some of the main troops were out of action. Shaun came along on his Vivalo. Was good to spin some pedals and have a natter with everyone. All the Solejammers were killing it.  Hieu took a nasty over the bars tumble on the main road, a bit of a leg graze was all that eventuated, frame and trispoke intact. We ended back up at the Vodafone building which we found out has a convenience store which stocks beer. So much trickery and talking ensued and then a massive footdown 12 game championship where Mike Lawrence emerged the victor, closely challenged by ‘smash derby’ Terry Clines. Ken managed to bend his forks wallriding – it was Adam’s Ken Evans Olympic frameset. His front wheel wouldn’t event spin. Frank came to the rescue with his 650c spinergy and did a wheel swap so everyone could ride home. Pepe was also killing it in footdown weaving between everyone. Good times.

I rode alongside Mike while he was doing a massive wheelie, check it out on the clip- it was 3 blocks and 45 full pedal strokes long, and he stopped because the lights went red. I need to send that one to Trackasaurus!

And here is one of the footdown sessions – both clips pretty dark but you get the idea.

Here is Adam’s titanium beast, and Shauns Vivalo.

Adam\'s Titanium beast



Shaun\'s Vivalo

Thanks to everyone who turned up.

Hopefully see you next Tuesday and maybe this Thursday for the Hustle – if pack pacer Jeff is back on his steed again post bird-flu.