Tankfarm Tuesday?


We had an impromptu Tankfarm Monday ride last night. I didn’t take my camera but we ended up at Vector arena with a crowd of over a dozen riding it was sweet! Frank was bar spinning his 650c spinergy, Mike was wheelie to poledancing it was all on. Mr Lawrence also bunny hopped up onto a 2 foot high bench which was pretty insane….. I sense some manny’s coming on.

The word is we are going to do a little Tank farm Tuesday ride tonight – Vodafone around 6 if you are keen. I think we might ride up Symonds St to Newton to check out Teva’s art exhibition at Whitecliff. he is off to Tahiti for 3 weeks to hang with his family.

I got an email from the UK- some stickers are now on their way to Ben Towell in Newcastle who is steady rollin in the North!

Having no new photos here are some more from the Asylum Criterium:




One Response to “Tankfarm Tuesday?”

  1. 20thebear Says:

    Cheers for the mention! Keep up the awesome blog. I’m lovin’ the bikes you guys are riding.

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