Ice from the Sky


The weather was indeed crap on the weekend but Sunday cleared up enough to blat around town and the waterfront for a few hours. Alister came down for a ride and we saw Brendon out stretching his legs. We have some soldiers down; Justin and Jeff are suffering some virus flu ebola disease and have been bed ridden all weekend and don’t seem to be getting better. Get well soon lads. better you were in bed – it was 5 degrees all day on Saturday and the hailstorms were gnarly.

The wind yesterday was gusting 30 knots SW and laps of the tankfarm against the headwind were purely harrowing, chilled to the bone. We ended up meeting up with Frank and Mike at the TF to ride and trick around and drink more Hater beer. Frank was wheelie barspin killing it. Mike was holding onto his front wheel for long periods of time mid-wheelie. And I got some drifting leg over bar skids on camera.

Lets hope it gets better for Tankfarm Tuesday.


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