Frostbite Anyone?


Well Justin and Jeff are slowly recovering from some Chinese bird influenza strain from Chinese Dragon hell, the healthy may consider riding in freezing-nuts-off conditions tonight.

Anyone keen for a blat around the tankfarm and maybe some gloved and jacketed trickery at Vodafone? Frank is in, I’m meeting him at 6:30 and Alister is coming down, Mike will be there a bit after 6:30. It sounds like Adam is coming on his first TFT = SICK! The Solejam site had some activity today . It won’t be a long one but it’ll be fun!

I dropped a Colony BMX stem onto my Stormin Norman rig last night. The vintage Cinelli stem was a crotch stabber and Al has been skidding around on it giving him self plum like bruises on his plums.


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