3 block wheelies and 12 games of footdown


Tankfarm Tuesday went pretty well last night. Around 16 people turned up – it was great considering some of the main troops were out of action. Shaun came along on his Vivalo. Was good to spin some pedals and have a natter with everyone. All the Solejammers were killing it.  Hieu took a nasty over the bars tumble on the main road, a bit of a leg graze was all that eventuated, frame and trispoke intact. We ended back up at the Vodafone building which we found out has a convenience store which stocks beer. So much trickery and talking ensued and then a massive footdown 12 game championship where Mike Lawrence emerged the victor, closely challenged by ‘smash derby’ Terry Clines. Ken managed to bend his forks wallriding – it was Adam’s Ken Evans Olympic frameset. His front wheel wouldn’t event spin. Frank came to the rescue with his 650c spinergy and did a wheel swap so everyone could ride home. Pepe was also killing it in footdown weaving between everyone. Good times.

I rode alongside Mike while he was doing a massive wheelie, check it out on the clip- it was 3 blocks and 45 full pedal strokes long, and he stopped because the lights went red. I need to send that one to Trackasaurus!

And here is one of the footdown sessions – both clips pretty dark but you get the idea.

Here is Adam’s titanium beast, and Shauns Vivalo.

Adam\'s Titanium beast



Shaun\'s Vivalo

Thanks to everyone who turned up.

Hopefully see you next Tuesday and maybe this Thursday for the Hustle – if pack pacer Jeff is back on his steed again post bird-flu.

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