I had a great ride yesterday- quite a few of the troops were out of play but hooked up with Jeff and Adam and Ken and put some K’s in and saw the town. We went down and said hi to Frank at his store and rode back through Parnell and stopped and met Karl from the iBike store on Parnell Rise. www.ibike.co.nz

The store is packed with top end goodies. Including an alloy Colnago Pista ($2499 frameset…..oooh). When I measured it and piped up that it was too small for me Karl advised me that it could be made for me by the Colnag (ians) in Italy to any tube length or colourway I wanted- and they would measure me up in store. Now THAT is service. That makes the difference between a Chinese frameset a whole much more of a divide. May the pride of European craftsmanship and service always prevail!

Also on the wall is a build that Adam is working on for the fixedgeargallery charity fundraiser contest. A great cause.

ALSO- if the weather is good then it’s TANKFARM TUESDAY tomorrow- so get your bikes ready. We will meet at Vodafone at 6:30pm. Good times!

Here is some stuff about the bike he is submitting and the contest from an email from Adam:

The comp is organised by www.fixedgeargallery.com for CureSearch National Childhood Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to raising private funds for the Children’s Oncology Group, the world’s largest cooperative cancer research organization.

Comp rules http://www.fixedgeargallery.com/contest/2008-opendesign/

It’s a Calfee 650 frame built for Jo Lawn (NZ iron women champ) early 2000’s I think?. Jo and husband are partners in ‘ibike’ and saw my first bike I built and asked if I could put 1 together for the shop. They gave me an enormous bin full of stuff, cranks, forks, seats, bars (e.g. like on speedframe) tires and the frame and said here you go….. I sold a lot of the road specific stuff for the build budget and set to. I cut out the brake bridge and squeezed the 700 rear onit. Coz its vertical drops I made up another eccentric axle watsithingy like I did for the speedframe to adjust the chain.



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