Shots from the Weekend in the City of Snails…..I mean Sails


We had to dive into carparks to avoid rain but ended up getting a solid ride in each day on the weekend and got to see some faces out there too. Hey – dya like my arty lens flarey shadow shots with the harbour in the background?

And afterwards we went to see Mike Davies at the tattoo shop gett8ihng some work done and headed out to ride to a couple of pubs with the booze cruisers:

And we ended up at Sakinaya for some japanese food. Justin and I took some wet hill bombing later on was fun as hell but a tad sketchy.

Hooked up with Jeff and Mike Davies and Alex the next day for a ride around. We got a few dry periods in the day and the wind dried up the roads pretty quick in between downpours and hail. Alex had his nice new Fuji Track Pro all decked out. Black Sugino Messengers, the whole thing is really nice.

Mike Davies was rippping it – he’s getting a phantom new Masi real soon, I’ll miss his skittles bike!

Justin put some drops on his Concept and was much happier riding it. Hopefully we get some good weather for Tankfarm Tuesday this week but it looks doubtful. Some of the crew are out riding tonight at Vector with Jeff. I’m still at work dropping blogs in between work.


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