Poster for Saturday’s Party


KONICHIWA!!!! It’s an awesome day out there in AK today. Jeff is making the email holler to everyone to break out early today for a ride before the nasty big low comes trucking in tonight for the entire weekend drenching our fair city….again. I’m definitley keen to ride tonight. It’s Critical Mass ride tonight too. But I think we will ride without causing traffic jams.

I got a text from Danger Dan saying there was an Alleycat race from Bike Central tonight but I just talked to Paul and they have cancelled it due to “Tour de France Fatigue” from all their early morning viewing session parties. Maybe we should meet up downtown and go from there. Any ideas? Vodafone, or Britomart? I’ll update this post when I get some emails through.

We are taking a bike each to the Qubic store at 2 tomorrow so Frank can hang them all up inside. I figure we ride before that, if it’s pissing down maybe we do some carpark spiral runs. I’m off out to pick up the tees.


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