Vans Fixed Era’s


Jeff just came up to the office with a fresh pair of the new Fixed release Vans Vault Era’s. They are awesome. Jeff is stoked too ‘casue they are vegan – all synthetic and for Era’s they are PLUSH. If you are after a pair get down to Qubic- Frank is getting in these grey ‘raven’ ones and the white model. There are very few pairs so get in there and book ’em when they get in there next week. They are made specifically for wearing when riding track bikes. A double lined toe with a thick ballistic nylon side panel. And the coolest ting is they are lined with fake suede so you can rock them in maxi-comfort sockless.

Mike Lawrence rides for Vans.

Mike Fixed

Mike Fixed

They come with a matching saddle bag to strap under your seat, it’s nice and small – will fit a tube lever and gas canister easy:

So – it looks like the legendary “weather bomb” has left us, even if only for a while. I flew in yesterday from Queenstown and it was like the plane was doing speed checks coming in to the runway, people were shrieking- it was awesome. Anyway – it looks like we will get some riding time this weekend. So I’ll be on the TXT alerts seeing what the peeps are up to. If it rains lets see if we can’t get kicked out of a big carpark downtown on Sunday. It’s Mike’s last few days riding his white bike. So look out for some interesting clips on Monday!

Holler at me if you want to ride!


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