Hoppity Hops


We got a bit of a ride in yesterday around downtown and the tankfarm and Westhaven. The rain held up for a few hours. Mike was hopping and spinning all over the shop. We stopped in Vector carpark and had a little clip logging session. Mike’s new bike arrives this week so he wasn’t so worried about doing 180 hops and destroying his forks (as he is well known to do). He’s nailing nice back circles to one handed 180 wheelie hops. Jeff was riding his Cervelo after geting the seatpost re-set at Calibre. And Adam was riding his DOPE Colnago pursuit frame set up with flat bars. It was a cool ride, nice to see everyone. We even ran into a crew of 5 guys on fixies and conversions riding around. Stefan was heading up their crew and rode after us to grab an inner tube after one of his bunch got a flat. He had a nice old Italian lugged steel frame in sky blue with the lugging in yellow. Looks nice bro! You guys need to come down to Tankfarm Tuesday if it’s dry and get your ride on!

Check out some of the clip goodness from Mike ‘ Tornado’ Lawrence. He was doing so many backwards circles in a loop I was getting dizzy just watching him:

I’m going tonight to meet the great people who are starting up the winter roller racing night called THE MAYHEM SESSIONS. I’ll post a full story on that tomorrow with a photo of the setup. It looks AWESOME.

Here is the signing off clip from Mike. Super smooth with a sick 180 hop to circle out at the end:

Hopefully we will get a break in the weather ‘bombing’ and finally get to bomb some hills and ride some distance without the fear of getting drenched and skidding on oilslick slippery roads. Roll on Spring!


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