The Mayhem Sessions Winter Roller Races


As a preamble – welcome to Tuesday. Tankfarm Tuesday infact. We are riding tonight from Vodafone around 6:30. Jeff assures me this rain is just a passing shower and I believe him. Might see you down there.

Gayle from Solo is organising a winter roller racing series up at the Winchester Club on St Benedicts street. I went up last night and helped them unload the rollers- it should be fun, they look like they are from a 1950’s fairground. Mainly because they actually are:

Here is the rundown from Gayle:

The Mayhem Sessions ­ Winter Roller Race Series
Two rollers Two racers One big black clock
Every Wednesday in August at The Winchester
24 St. Benedicts Street Newton from 7pm
Fast Rolling Free For All
Want to see how you measure up? Challenge your buddy to a one-on-one or thrash the courier who beats you up Franklin Rd every bloody morning on that filthy mutt of a single speed (how dare she). Its only 440 yards; how hard can it be? All you have to do is PEDAL FASTER!
Entry on the night is $10 ­ we will race as many riders as time allows. First in, first up. Super Elite (time to put your money where your mouth is) Invitational Classic Racing by invitation only. So you think you¹re the best in town? Perhaps you really were, back in the day. It¹s time to get up and prove it. Submissions are now open for past masters, inter-shop rivals or anyone in the industry who has long standing grudge/chip on their shoulder that needs knocking off.
You can even specify your opponent.
Entry fee: Supply a prize for the Fast Rolling Free For All.

 Race Schedule
7.00 Entry and scrutineering, entries close at 8.00 or when full7.30 Fast Rolling Free For All9.30 Super Elite Invitational Classic

10.00 Prize Giving

We dug the rollers out from under the Manukau Velodrome. As they were made in 1950, we¹ve decided to stay true to that era and are enforcing a maximum gear of 96.4 inches (recommended ratios 53 x 15, 50 x 14, 46 x 13). All bikes will be measured to a 7.499m roll out and have shifters taped. Anyone caught cheating will be ridiculed and forced to buy a round of beer for all other racers on the night. For safety reasons all riders in the Fast Rolling Free For All will be held. This is not a UCI sanctioned event and you will not be drug tested. Riding in costume is encouraged with free entry for anyone who races in an authentic Mexican wrestling mask.


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