Tankfarm Tuesday was not rained out last night, surprisingly. It was a cool turnout- around 16 I think. We missed Justin who is in Queenstown for way too long for the snow season. It was great to meet 2 new fixie riders who came out on their bikes’ maiden voyages. Jess and Hagan (following in the shots in that order) had some cool conversion builds and kept up the the posse- even when enthusiastic Alex steered the ride into town and had the newbies running Queenstreet on their first ride. Mike and I sat back and made sure hagan was rollin steady – which he was. Good effort lads!

The usual Tankfarm laps and Westhaven run. Some of us lagged behind the pack and had some judder bar to judder bar sprint races. The road was slick – it was fun as hell. We ended up riding up Hobson, down Queen Street and tricking around in Britomart dodging cars. Teva was in fine form as was his bike.

Ken was hopping the stairs and Mike was hopping up and down everything with abandon only possible from a man who knows he’s getting a new bike soon.

Check the height of the hop up the ledge:

180 hop down:

A bunch of us are heading up to the Mayhem Sessions Roller Races tonight on St Benedicts at the Old Pinnacle club. It’s a bit more serious than I thought. They are digging out some pro track racers and old guns. I’ll take some shots, but come along for a beer if you are around.

Hey I’ve also been meaning to run a shot of Adam’s Colnago. The first shot is the way he bought it from the US on eBay. The disc wheels on it are some crazy Russian tension discs made of some phantom Rusky KGB-ish  Kevlar equivalent. He says they are about as plentiful as moonbeans and as such doesn’t dare ride them. It’s a smooth set up the way it is in the second pic:


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