Limited Release MASI


Mike Davies from Pac Brands (and has got his hands on one of the Ltd release Masi complete bikes that are about to hit bike stores this week. I’ve been holding off posting some shots of it until it’s released. It’s only $200 more than the standard orange Masi pista but is specced to the eyeballs with good kit. Hedgehog in Onehunga has some if you want one. There are only a handful of 56cm and 58cm in NZ. The finish is NICE – it’s a raw metal with clearcote over the top so you can see all the brass welds; nice touch. It also has:

Chromoly double butted frame. Polished Deda track drops. Sugino messenger cranks and chain ring. Velo Kierin grips. MKS Pedals leather covered MKS cages & Straps. Polished high flange track hubs. White Alex Aero rims.


One Response to “Limited Release MASI”

  1. themasiguypodcast Says:

    I have to confess, it’s a drop dead sexy bike… not that I’m at all biased.

    You really do have to see the finish in person to appreciate it. It’s far more impressive in person than it is in a photo.

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