Mayhem Sessions shots


Riding on rollers is harder than you think. Or is was alot harder than I thought! The Mayhem Session went off on Wednesday night. For a first event it was huge. Really cool to see people come out and ride the hell out of the old set up. Us street urchins had a go- it’s scary, but fun as hell.

you can read more about it on the Solo site but Justin Grace the track Champ and owner of Calibre cycles came out with a show and a preformance that had the room cheering. I bet that dude was running on 60% and he smoked it. We are planning to make the next sessions even bigger so stay tuned to the blog and come along!



Teva has long hair. Alex is going to ride next time and so is Jeff aren’t you Jeff?

Hey Sunday is looking MINT so we are going to do a nice long ride and some filming. So I’ll send the text out – would be rad to get loads of people involved.

There is a road in Westmere by the Zoo with a big hill I want to bomb and a nice bank to railway hop.


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