Mayhem Sessions 2 – rollin’ steady…mostly!


It was pretty packed in the Winchester Bar last night for the second SOLO Mayhem Sessions race series. And there was lot of serious track racing contention. Alot of big names that I wasn’t familiar with but alot of matching lycra and treetrunk thighs got on their bikes and ran the shit out of those wonderful rollers. It was an awesome night. Lots of money raised for kids on bikes – which is a charity to educate kids on riding safely (probably will not include a tutorial on riding brakeless fixies though). There were a few of the crew there representing the streets and flying the flag for riding in denim. But all in all the lads were a little intimidated by the seriousness and the shinyness of the competition. I say next time more flat bars and jeans! The streets is always listenin’! Boon from Hedgehog on the Shore got in there but fell prey to the evil roller bite. Danger was up there giving it some serious courier action with a 53/15 gearing. I was holding his bike and he was going nuts.

Beans was also representing – and he nailed it:

Shaun took his shiny Vivalo onto the stage and rode the rollers for the first time – narrowly beaten.

Justin Grace got up to defend his title against another teammate from Calibre Cycles (I should really get all the names off Gayle)- this time his outfit was not future-velo, he was taking it back to the eighties. I say he won it easy but the clock stuck and there was calls for a rematch. I was holding the back of his bike and pushing forward onto the front roller. The deal was this- the rollers- being from the ’50’s were made for track bikes with a longer wheel base. So today’s short bikes were coming up short and squirrelling back off the front roller. There were some tyre blowouts and less than elegant dismounts which all added to the fun. junior track ace Alex Cull turned up with his vintage Cinelli. He got it off ebay and it’s numbered somewhere in the first 15 bikes handmade by Cinelli lovely polished lugs. Anyway he tore it up- check the blowout his opponent had – $200 tyre goes bye bye – watch his front wheel drop. Alex rules by the way I hook him up at Red Bull.

So after the rematch call – Justin Grace went up to went to get a beer jug incase he needed to puke in it but both riders were dead on their feet. So the call was instead of racing there would be an arm wrestle to decide the champion- this is where it got a little weird!

It was hilarious, Frank got some great shots that will be on but his face says it all:

Some great prizes and fun had by all. Big thanks to Gayle Brownlee and Paul from SOLO and John Macdonald the MC who did a brilliant job. I’ll be in Wanaka at the Travis Rice movie premiere next week but I hope you all have a great time there – there is a girls section next week including a short skirt rule. Bummed I’ll miss it!

And a special thanks to the track master Dr Dave Benson – here is his adjusting the rollers.

Also I was right- Frank has an update on solejam that kicks ass!

And Dave Benson has uplaoded photos too:

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