Deep Dark South


This post has little to do with riding bike because I’m in the snow in Queenstown, we had the new Travis Rice snowboard movie world premiere in Wanaka last night. It was freaking awesome. You should check the trailer: The movie was brilliant, the audience went nuts and the party was insane. Justin and I left around 1 am on the coach back across the crown range to Queenstown. Before we even left the movie venue the crowd got through 10 cases of vodka. By the time we ended up at Red Rock things were pretty crazy with alot of pro snowboarders and skiers. I had PDiggs from Shapeshifter MC and DJ the party- he was going nuts all through the movie being the keen snowboarder and all.

Travis and the movie director Curt, pulled out a large wad of currency notes in a stack, and got behind the bar and proceeded to serve the entire party with free drinks. Huge armfulls of beer bottles jugs of beer – whatever. It was hilarious, and it got out of control. I just heard that the place got pretty trashed. The owner is stoked though said it was a great party. I’m glad we got out of there, Justin and I have to fly to Christchurch today. We are setting up for some events over the weekend. I’ll definitely be able to do some posting of the pushing pedals nature from there.

The raddest thing that we saw while down here was in Wanaka. We past some guy riding a dope track bike along the road , a black alloy number with rider bars and he had a snowboard strapped sideways across his shoulders, it was so rad! We did a U Turn and tried to chase him for a photo but he smoked us. Here are some shots from last night:

Nick Gregory (just bruised his heel really badly) Jake Koia, and Curt Morgan the director

Jake, me and Curt


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