Hey. I am back in Auckland and catching up with desk work. I was so stoked to open up by boxes and get to fondle the Leader frame. It has bottle lugs in the seat tube that I wasn’t expecting – but I’ll just fill them before I get that puppy sprayed. More updates on the build soon. I took our box of Millwaukee / Bens cycle orders to Mike’s work and he is stoked with his stuff. We both got some of the Milwaukee Bike Co sprockets and they are damn good. Mike’s bike should be up and running for the weekend. Mine will be at least another week:


I got a cool email from Darren who runs Fixpatrix in Singapore. Some seriously rad youtube clips on his page. Some stickers going his way and he has some dope Fixpatrix deep V stickers coming our way to NZ. Go the international track bike community!

I’m trying to finish up work so I can get down to Tank Farm Tuesday’s ride. Will be good to see the crew again! I have my frame in the car and I want to show it to Jeff. Might see you there then.


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