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It was cool to hang out and ride with the crew last night for Tank Farm Tuesday. Some new faces too- Ming came along with his nice pink rig with the wheels off a MASI. And we ran into a guy called Darren who I have seen blasting around Ponsonby but never seen stationary. He rode past us and came back to ride for a bit and ask questions about where the hell we all came from. My camera was dead but Teva and Hagan had theirs so I’ll post a bunch of their shots instead. We had 16 people at one stage. Started out doing the tankfarm loop then Westhaven drive and some sprints on the way back. Frank joined us with his nice new sparkly paint job and we rode up Nelson street and messed around in Aotea before bombing Queen St and heading back to Vodafone for some beers. It’s becoming the ride of choice – I’m loving it. Jeff had his stealth bomber flat black Genius. Everyone wanted to borrow it to do barspins. Justin – we miss you! Don’t injure yourself snowboarding. It felt SOOO good to push some pedals again.

It’s the last roller racing night tonight for the Mayhem Sessions and it looks set to be HUGE. There is talk of lots of prizes and some special ones for the street faction. It’s time for us to team up against the lycra warriors! So hopefully see you up there from 7pm at the Winchester Club on St Benedicts St at the top of Newton Gully. Shit is getting serious! We are not sure who is going to ride – email banter today has suggested we are all a little scared.

And here are some tricky shots from Hagen and his mad fisheye lens set up on his Canon:

I’m into using other people’s shots – makes the whole blog look better. My camera is charged up for tonight though. Should be some strenous output captured in clips for tomorrows post. Especially since everyone is pumped up after watching the track at the Olympics. We were riding Westhaven talking about trying to do slingshots last night. It will end in tears!


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