Mike’s new build


Talk about the blackness – I went for a ride with Mike and Jeff on Sunday. Both had their flat black bikes built and on the road. Mike is stoked on his – it’s been a while coming together. Alot of custom ordered and specially powdercoated black parts including black Sugino 75 cranks and ring. Black MKS Silvan touring pedals and black sprayed Suzue high flange hubs with gloss black deep V’s and black wheelsmith spokes. Jeff and Mike are definitely trying to out-black each other. Jeff even has black valves! Mike is waiting for his Nitto Jaguar stem to come back from the powder coaters (Steven at Acro in Glenfield – use him he rules). SO in the meantime he was using the black bars off my wethepeople BMX cruiser and a Shadow Conspiracy BMX stem. Mike is SOOOO Osaka right now! Check the height of the bar set up. The Japan-trickster-setup look was a little challenging in the high winds on Sunday. Mike was so upright his drag factor was like riding a Penny Farthing. Bat barspins were forthcoming. My frame and rim is in with the autospray guru’s at Colour Matrix getting some love. Jason is used to painting crazy hotrods so my little frame shouldn’t be too hard. Should be ready end of the week. I’m waiting for CJ at Bike Central to get me some pieces for me to finish the build and then I’ll get some shots together.


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