Some Shots from the Weekend


Hey all. I actually got sun on my face -rosey cheeks from riding on the weekend. Not a whole lot of people out there riding but was alot of fun. Even dodging rain showers on Sunday and racing around Vector carpark was fun. The wind made for interesting tank farm and Westhaven riding, my Spinergy becomes a yacht sail in 20 knot winds- gets a tad weavy. We spent some time riding in the central city up Queen Street and amongst the wind break of the buildings.  Mike has put his Nitto Jaguar stem and riser bars on his black beast so I wanted to put a photo essay of the bike on this post:

Teva, Jeff and Al came out for a spin too.

Darren from Fixpatrix in Singapore sent through some stickers so I have freshened up my KHS:

I’m still working away in the background on my new build with the Leader frameset. I ordered some parts through a store to support the local industry and suppliers but they didn’t show up. So I got back on and ordered my last 2 items I needed for the build. I got a Level hub 36 hole coming and a conversion kit for my trispoke.

Calibre Cycles had a closing down sale on the weekend. That is 2 good stores closing this year. Not a great pattern: good people closing up shop. There are very few places to go that have any clue of how to work on a track bike and all the subtleties of needing a strong driveline and sourcing parts etc.  It seems to me that the thing that bike stores have going for them is the service and specialised workshops and staff. If even the stores can’t get product from local distributors (or if they can it takes months) then it doesn’t discourage people from buying their stuff online from the US or Japan. Frustrating all round. On the positive front Tim White who works at Worralls is starting a bike shop in Khyber Pass next month called Tim White’s Bikes. Tim is going to focus on track bikes, fixies and BMX and comes with a huge wealth of knowledge of bikes of all kinds and some serious workshop expertise. I’ll post more about the store and the opening party closer to the time.


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