We had  a huge turnout to TFT it was like Critical Mass out there> I was approaching  corners with 30 people it was fun as fuck. There were so many bikes in the basement it was awesome, the showing went well thanks to all the lubrication. Thanks so much to Paul Strong at RVCA NZ for the garment giveaways and to everyone for turning up and providing the good vibes. The crew was rolling deep!

The movie is sick some insane riding, it wasn’t all barspins there is some SPEED going on in there too. Paul will have copies for sale in a few weeks so I’ll keep you updated. Also some Doom Tees are on their way! Paul is giving us a couple so I’ll give them out to the winners of a game of footdown on the TFT ride.

Teva and Al were bartenders for the evening. The Red Bull foyer was the perfect venue everyone looked like they were having a good time. Afterwards Jeff produced a copy of Fast Friday and we watched that – it was really cool. I hung out after cleaning up with Mike Davies and Tim White ‘refreshing’ ourselves further.


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