Tuesday Night’s Alright!


It was a really cool ride last night on Tank Farm Tuesday- a bit of pace to it too. Apart from the bits where we stopped and hung out (and refreshed). The course is pretty standard now but I get the feeling as the days get longer (and warmer) the ride might evolve a bit and head uptown further. I’m still really keen for the TFT ride to stay prettyt flat and mellow so it encourages the new riders with the new builds to come and join in and be able to ride brakeless without crapping their pants or getting lost 20km’s out the back of South Auckland. But that said – shit it was fun bombing Queen St with a big posse last night. I think Symonds St and the Parnell Rose Garden road needs to be tagged on on some rides. We rode past the fashion week venue on Halsey St last night past the lasses teetering around going to the Nom D show. Check the bike count we had when we stopped at foodtown for refreshments ( BTW not the sketchy clip I posted by mistake earlier- long story):

It was cool to meet Hayden who was up from Wellington and joined in on one of Jeff’s many pristine bikes.

Callum came out for a spin for the first time in ages- out of the O.G. Steady Rollin crew he was the first of us who managed  to coax Justin’s fixie conversion into a skid many moons ago. Here is a nifty creation of a backpack Callum devised to get his six pack to the next location. When riding it looked quite cape- like. It also had a high rustle factor for audible ride awareness.

 Mike Davies from www.skullbikeclub.com was rocking a new wheel build with White Industries hubs and a splined cog on bue deep V’s on his MASI – shiny stuff! Mike misses food in Tokyo:

Mike took a few heavy tumbles last night, the raddest was just after this shot was taken when he ripped through Vodafone plaza and locked into a sideways skid and bit and tumbled strapped in. He is a big guy and the ground shook because there is a carpark underneath. 

Danger picked up his KHS – it’s a size down from my frame. Why is it so hard to get pursuit frames ?

Dangerous Dan.

Tim White of Tim White’s Bikes. Watch this space.

Chris from Hedgehog in Onehunga just got a MASI while he is waiting to build up his own frame. He also ordered a MASI in for my friend Noah which will be ready for the weekend. Looks like there will be a few new faces on next weeks ride.

The Honourable Sir Justin Sweeney gets back next week from his time in the Southern Island of snow. It’s been months banished down there with the snow-gangsters on the mountains. He is looking forward to getting back on the bikes and pushing some pedals. HELL YEAH!

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