Silver Flakes and Blue Pearls


My Leader build is moving along behind the scenes. I’m STOKED. All my parts have arrived and everything is scattered around in different places getting laced, sprayed, converted and constructed. The only thing I am waiting on is the paintjob on the Leader frameset. I’m getting it sprayed at Auto Colour Matrix on the Shore who do alot of hotrods. I have gone for a gun metal grey / graphite colour with a pretty big metal flake and blue pearl put in the clearcote over the top. The frame is going to take another week to finish – it needs 7 coats of clear ontop and has to harden.

But I wanted to throw up a couple of shots today – First I had them paint my Deep V rim the same as the frame and also throw the clearcote and flake over my carbon Trispoke wheel. I needed to get the rim laced to a Level hub, and a Surly Fixxer replaced through the axle on the Trispoke so I can run it on the back to make a super rigid back end so it’s locks the fuck up and is really responsive. I can’t wait to ride this thing!

Chris at Hedgehog in Onehunga is the master wheelbuilder of doom. He went to the US and did a full wheelbuilding course early this year. It’s on Onehunga Mall just by the roundabout if you need artfully built rocksolid wheels go talk to him. Noah Picked up his Masi today, he is stoked. Looks like his entry to fixiedom will be Tuesday for TFT.

The weather is due to get better and be bluebird for the weekend can’t wait to get out there and ride in the sunshine. If you haven’t seen it already – check out the new MASH trailer on the revamped website:

If that clip doesn’t make you want to get out now and ride as fast as you can, nothing will. How awesome is the Lance Armstrong cameo too?


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