Auckland Harbour Bridge and Shoreside


I got a barrage of text messages on Sunday morning at 11 saying that there was a cycle over Auckland Harbour Bridge at 2pm. I thought; WTF, that is awesome, but how is it possible? I have spent 4 months of this year campaigning and working to get a legal 2 hour closure of 2 lanes of the bridge in December for a cycle leg of a multisport race. And I got shut down by Transit even on reapplication and with some serious funding available for resource consent. So I got word that Jeff and Danger were already on the ferry over to Devonport so my girlfriend Kate was going to drop me off with Callum on the shore. I got a text from Jeff saying they are at Onewa road, and they just missed the pack by a minute. Right then a cop car comes speeding past on Jervois Rd towards the bridge. I get another text from Jeff saying that it turns out 40 or 50 cyclists in a pack got on the motorway at Onewa on-ramp for an illegal protest ride and caned it over the bridge. 40 made it and a few got detailed but released, sounds like an Olympian or 2 were in there protesting the lack of support by Transit and the Council to add a cycle lane to the bridge. Good on them! Pretty glad that we didn’t tag on and slog up the bridge at snails pace on track bikes only to be arrested at the top! Check out the Herald article:

So instead we went for a ride through Northcote and Milford, up through Takapuna and on to Devonport where we got the Ferry back and rode around Tank Farm and Westhaven. We ran into Teva who was getting goodie bags from the open days from fashion week. And I got my second puncture in 2 days and called it quits. Riding this summer is going to be amazing!


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