Grid-City Chapter


Simon sent in some shots from his group ride in Christchurch last week. Simon, Anton, Matt and Tim went out for a spin.

Some words from Si:

eh bro here are a few shots from the sony form lastnight, the rain was out, and most of the guys were out of town or out of touch but shit the 4 of us had a good time. Kick off was a chilled ale form the bike thief then the square was on the list – grubby up the shiny tiles, off to thrash through town and then to what is quickly becoming our local: Harvey Normans upstairs car park for some undercover tom foolery. After much randomness and skids we hit the skatepark for a laugh: surprised we all stayed upright as it was super slick. Then to checkout the polytec to see if there was anything interesting to play on before racing through the streets looking for sneaky alleyways in anticipation of dodgy backdoor shortcuts for the Alley cat next week. A bit of indecision lead us to a banquette at the Excelsior sports bar consisting of jugs and a Fisherman’s basket…. about as good as it sounds, but the service was impeccable.


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