AK Fixed Alleycat Race Friday


Alex is putting together an alleycat:

The first AKFixed alleycat is all set to go for Friday 26 Sept. Would be rad to see you guys all there. It’s deliberately super easy so all can be involved.

It’s all go for next Friday (26 Sept).

Since we decided to do this I spent some time and made up some bits of paper you need to collect at each checkpoint. I’m pretty much all prepared!

There are 5 checkpoints in total – all in the CBD. The next checkpoint will be revealed as you get to the one before it. So no-one will know the course prior (although, you will all know the locations well).The ride measures in at ~7km. It basically took me 20 minutes to ride cruising pace at lunchtime today. It will be perfect for those who want to charge hard. But I’ve designed it in such a way that it will also be perfect for people just to take it easier too if they so desire (you can just think of it as a treasure hunt for grown-ups ).

It would be rad if heaps of us took part (I did make 28 copies of the slips you get at each checkpoint!) Gather at my carpark about 630pm after critical mass (160 Beach Road, behind Mag and Turbo). I will hook up a chilly bin or my fridge for drinks and stuff.

We’ll kick off the race when you’re feelin’ it….730ish I reckon.

Hang outs, movies, trickery and whatever in the carpark afterwards.


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