AKFixed Alleycat


Last nights race was fantastic! It started at Alex’s place on Beach road and made it’s way through the city with 5 checkpoints. There were over 30 people racing, it was really cool hanging with a crew that size. Negotiating the pack on the roads was interesting at times. The route went from the corner of beach road to the stall outside Vector Arena – this was a clusterfuck is was hilarious> Everyone got there at the same time and started clambering over each other to get a flyer out of the envelope. Next stop Vodafone Plaza on Halsey Street. This was a great sprint and the pack broke up alot. I almost T-boned another rider coming out of the plaza, quite alot of near collisions of riders on corners happened, infact Teva rode into Shaun and his Vivalo. next stop Fort Lane Angus Steak house, then up Queen St to Aotea square where Alex’s wife Corallee was waiting with the next flyer. On to the old Art Gallery and down back through Shortland back to the start point. Everyone was seriously buzzing when they got back. I’m not 100% sure what happened on the placings but apparently Tim White of T-Whites Bikes came back first on a fixie cruiser. Tim put up a bunch of prizes from T-Whites bikes as did Jeff from Vans which was such a good thing for the race. Danger came a close second but officially won due to being brakeless. He was a bit scratched up but was running a 53 / 15 gear – which is like a 96 inch rollout – GNARLY! Genna the female courier world champion came in next – so cool. Then the pack came through in lumps. Thanks to Alex and Corallee for putting on an excellent race!


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