Upper Harbour Shore Loop Ride



Upper Harbour Drive on the North Shore is called that for a reason. It’s a very high part of Auckland. You can see both sides of the harbour – to Greenhithe and North and back to the city on the other side of the road. I had a catch-up-with-a-brother ride with Justin on Sunday. We hooked up with Jeff and Callum and decided to hop on the Ferry downtown. Callum aka Calashnikov was already in Devonport. The climb out of Devo from sea level is pretty drwan out and not too bad. Cal got a flat in Takapuna and we rode slowly to Hedgehog Bikes to get him an new Ultrasport and tube. then we climbed up Wairau road and I got a glass puncture in my front wheel. being a Sunday mornning there was shitloads of glass on the roads near the curbs from the Saturday night booze hounds throwing bottles out car windows, lame. I fixed it quick and we climbed on through up to Greenhithe and along the flat on Upper Harbour. the views were stunning – it was a bluebird day with a chilly SW wind which was good. We rode down the new Greenhithe bridge cycle path that was smooth and lightning quick – that was the funnest part of the ride, Justin hammered down there. The climb through to the highest point before Westgate at the end of the Westen motorway was brutal to be honest, my legs were feeling it. We had a sandwich at Westgate and then through Massey and down into Henderson and along the cycle path on the side of the motorway back through to the city. Around 50km all up and my legs are a little tight still.

But It’s looking great weather for TFT tonight. Sounds like a few new people are coming along. So if you are keen – between 6 and 6:30 at Vodafone. Should be a fun ride!


Have to say it was one of the hardest 50km’s I’ve ridden, but by far one of the funnest.


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