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Some clips from the last week

October 31, 2008

Mostly of Mike Lawrence. It’s the Halloween Alleycat Race tonight. I think details are on Danger has an interesting outfit to race in – trust me – you don’t want to tackle him tonight.

Mike is in Christchurch for a BMX comp at Washington Park this weekend. He’s back later on Sunday. So very keen to do a late town ride on Sunday when he gets back. Weather is looking pretty crap for Saturday. Sunday is alot better so hope to get a TXT around and see who is keen for a ride.


Danger’s Sin City mode shots

October 30, 2008

Danger was messing around with the colour on his digi cam and became obsessed with this mode which highlights only red and makes everything look like Sin City.

My pink sweaty face sort of got pinkified though.


CHCH Denton domination

October 29, 2008

OK this has gone up slower than I wanted but I have only really come right after Craigs stag do on the weekend – I think we will leave those pics and stories to another sort of blog eh. Well speaking of riding dirty, last Thursday the Crimeschurch crew cut down some K’s, Rowan an I rocked out to checkout a Crit race the guys from Colnago are organizing for every Thursday out at the A&P show grounds – Basically the main dude hated our guts and wouldn’t let us race even in D grade unless we had brakes, the other riders were more interested in seeing if we could even ride for 30mins at a good pace… we ended up talking to a 65+ guy (who track standed the whole time we chatted) about Denton park velodrome and he reckoned they would start up a new division for straight bars – they are that keen to get people on the track. It so happened that Denton was our backup plan for the evening so with after a quick holla to the rest of the fullas, who were at the bar, we ventured out to all high5 at the velodrome in Hornby.
A tail wind on the wayout, few VBs and the setting sun – SICK night out. Mixing McD’s, B’s, and sprints is an unhealthy cocktail, still surprised no-one vomited!
On the roll back to town the numbers peeled off and a few of us decided to ride around Harveys for another hour odd and finish the beers off.
I think we will be making a habit of hitting up Denton, just skipping the McD’s…..

more picks right hereeee…..
and some others from tim here plus abit of vid action…


October 29, 2008

Some shots from TFT last night. Nice mellow spin around tank farm and Westhaven. Good to get it in – pretty drizzly for the rest of the week I think. Justin is having a good time in NYC and is going to Trackstar to make some purchases. He went yesterday but it was closed. I just got a call from him just now. He says it’s freezing. He also says most store vendors he has encountered are less than smiling happy people. I guess for stores like Supreme it’s a given that your sales staff will not even look you in the eye or talk as they take your money from you. Sounds like the Trackstar dudes have a bit of newyork-itis too. Justin dropped a pretty handsome amount of pacific-peso’s on a new HED trispoke there and couldn’t get a box to put it in to get it back to our fine shores.

Jeffrey and Amy are in San Francisco. Jeff said he saw Andy from MASH and had a photo taken with him. He also looked out his hotel window to see Gabe Morford MASHING past. I can’t wait to see some photo updates from these guys. I binned off my bike on Monday doing hops up a long mellow bank. I ripped up my pants and knee and managed to take my bars in the ribs – sure is a bit tender today.

T.White’s Bikes- Grand Opening

October 29, 2008

Tim White has been working his fingers to the bone getting the fit out done for the launch of his new store on Saturday the 8th of November. Put it in your diaries and come down with bikes and booze and enjoy the day. I’m going to miss it because I’ll be in Sydney. But Justin will be there with the Hummer and many a fun thing will ensue. This is a pretty awesome occasion. Having a bike store in central Auckland that will be devoted to track bikes and serious mechanical expertise. So later this week I’ll be doing a special interview with Tim on what he is doing and why and what makes him tick.

Labour Day

October 28, 2008

Had a spin around Auckland yesterday. Ran into the bike polo crew but opted for a ride through Parnell. Check the hub above that Adam made- pretty sick! See you at TFT!

Skid Vision

October 23, 2008

We were shooting a little sports clip for work and getting some pencil cam shots so I bolted it onto the bars to get a pedalling shot- definitely want to do more of this.

Danger’s Lomo Fisheye shots

October 23, 2008

On Tuesday’s ride Dan was ripping around with his Lomo fisheye. The shots turned out nicely.

Mike’s Clip

October 23, 2008

Mike got all editor in moviemaker and amde this clip. I think I will be making more of an effort on the clips from now on!


October 22, 2008