Level Hubs- no slippy slippy!


I’m off to see Tim White at Worals after work to put my Leader together. I’m definitely going to take some shots to mark the occasion. My new level rear hub came in so I have both wheels set up with Level hubs and Velocity deep V’s painted sparkly like the frame. My Trispoke is getting a new front axle machined for me.

If you haven’t seen Level hubs before that are pretty cool, they do away with the standard design of needing a thread for the cog and lockring. They do away with the lock ring altogether by using a machined cog with 3 holes which matches 3 billeted protrusions from the hub which lock together with standard bolts. They are super high flange and pretty light for the amount of alloy used. The guy who makes them does it as a hobby, his dayjob is building underwater robots for sea floor exploration and salvage – pretty rad. When you call him his message says he is out at sea. I got 36 hole to be ultra strong but they come in 32 hole. I got them from www.universalcyles.com but if you know Todd from (used to be) Calibre I think he has hook ups to import them. Check the way it works:


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